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ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) was founded as ASTM in 1898. ASTM is one of the largest standards organisations and develops technical standards for materials, products, systems and services. ASTM Standards play an important role in the global economy. Renowned for quality in the development of standards, ASTM strives for the transfer of new technologies into international standards. ASTM Standards result from the work of over 30,000 ASTM members in more than 100 countries.


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ASTM Compass is the online platform for accessing ASTM publications. These include scientific publications (peer-reviewed conference proceedings and technical papers), standards, eBooks and articles from internationally renowned journals including a backfile dating back to 1932.

Other standards organisations also offer their technical data via ASTM Compass, such as:


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How can I access ASTM publications?

As a partner of ASTM, you can obtain access to all ASTM publications and standards through us. We can support you in your search for relevant data and are available without delay for any questions!

Which standards are defined by ASTM?

The standards defined and published by ASTM cover many disciplines and classifications in the goods and services domain, as well as in the area of materials and testing. The standards can be searched in ASTM’s Book of Standards. This contains approximately 12,000 standards which are available in print, CD-ROM or electronic formats. We can gladly advise you on the selection and purchase of relevant content. We guarantee prompt support in case of questions regarding the purchase of data through ASTM Compass.

What is ASTM Certification?

A small part of ASTM is the certification body SEI – Safety Equipment Institute. The certification program of the SEI is voluntary and based on internationally-recognised standards like ASTM, ANSI, CSA, NFPA, NIJ and NOCSAE.